The Family:
Jeanette bolt
Ricky Bolt
Maureen Bolt
Rachel Campbell
5 Grandchildren
The Pit Crew:
Colin Grey
Kevin Hocken
Sam Turner
Engine Builder Dennis Wise
Helpers Grant Dacombe
The Beginning:

The first season of Woodford Glen Speedway a friend "Ross James" arrived at our farm in the early afternoon of a race day.
Ross was driving a Holden car.
Ross said "you have to help me put some bars in this car, we are going racing tonight at Woodford Glen".

Well we got the car going and went out onto the track. Both Ross and Dennis took turns racing in C Grade Saloons.

The first night Dennis won a race so the next week they put him into B Grade Saloons.

What an honour and within another week that poor old Holden had to race in A Grade Saloons.

The Cars:

Over the following winter months Dennis built a HQ Holden up as a race car. It was number 9, Dennis raced this car for a couple of years and then he had a car built by Peter Kuriger, this car was an A9X Torana.

We changed farms in the early 80's and had 4 years off to build a house and get the new farm in order.

Then Dennis had Peter build him another car. The last few cars have since been built by Dennis and his crew, the race number changed to 6 at this time.

The Highlights:

Both Dennis and Basil Jones being invited to race in Western Australia. Teams racing two from New Zealand and two from USA. These four made up the international team against the Aussies. We raced at five tracks and it was equal. We had one meeting left at Koolangatta and it rained for two nights so it all ended in a draw.

Getting second in the New Zealand Saloon Championships at Wellington 2000/01

Winning several times the South Island Saloon Championships and the South Island Saloon Series and many others.

The Sponsors:

Refinish Solutions ltd
Riverlands Holiday Park
McFall Speedway Videos
Gordon Trotter Powdercoating
Nees Graffix


The Dedication:

Dennis is a director on the Speedway New Zealand Board and he has spent a lot of hours over the years helping others to improve the stadium at Woodford Glen. The seating, the control tower, the sponsors rooms and the bridge are all some of his work. He also makes sure the track is satisfactorily graded prior to each race meeting.

Dennis says he still has a lot of racing years left in him and while he can still play amongst the fast cars he will continue to race.

Dennis' bright orange Corvette made it's debut at the 2009 Remembrance Championships. This was successfully campaigned until a new Hypermac Chassis Super Saloon was comissioned for the 2013/2014 season.